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under the couch book one hide and seek susan lintonsmith 300

Book 1

The summer starts off to be the worst ever!

Ten-year-old Spencer is grumpy. His family moved at the end of the school year and now he’s in a new neighborhood with no friends and stuck spending every day with his annoying little brother, Justin, and the strange new nanny who he knows has secrets. She’s hiding something and he knows it.

Forced to play with his brother, Spencer is shocked when Justin disappears while playing hide-and-seek in their new home. Justin gets lost under the antique couch and soon the brothers are trapped in a strange world. What is this place and more importantly, how are they going to get home?

under the couch book two rainbow susan lintonsmith 300

Book 2

Spencer has to return. He has to go back to that mysterious place.

It’s the last thing he wants to do. Ten-year-old Spencer knows it’s scary and dangerous, and he vowed after the first time never to return. But he now needs to retrieve what he left behind.

Was their first adventure under the couch a fluke? Spencer doesn’t know how he and his seven-year-old brother, Justin, will be able to find their way back to the strange place … and do it without their nanny noticing they are missing.

Discovering the secrets of the antique couch changed what started as a rotten summer. On this second adventure, the brothers are transported to a place where they face danger but also make wishes come true.  Will they be able to find what Spencer left behind and return home safely?

under the couch book three spiders susan lintonsmith 300

Book 3

He can’t breathe.  Everything around him is spinning.

In this third adventure, ten-year-old Spencer faces his worst nightmare! He and his little brother Justin are transported to a strange place where they encounter a community with different rules. Spencer gets in trouble and is forced to come face-to-face with what he hates most – spiders!  The town people intend to make him stay there to learn his lesson, but Spencer and his brother have to get home.  The brothers know time is limited in the under-the-couch world, and they have to find the door home before it disappears. 

Will the brothers be able to escape and find the door home … or will they be stuck in this strange world forever?

Book 4

Spencer can’t believe what he sees.

These kids seem nice but obviously they are messing with him. Why do these boys say he needs glasses? How can they not see what he does? 

Spencer tries to be a good sport and puts on the strange glasses that they give him. He looks around and is shocked by what he sees.

Ten-year-old Spencer and his little brother, Justin, go on an adventure under the couch to a picture-perfect place. They play sports they’ve never played before and learn more about themselves and about seeing the beauty within. They also find out that intergalactic beings aren’t allowed in this place without prior permission. They need to get back to the door before they are caught and taken to headquarters to be questioned . . . or worse!

under the couch book five flipped susan lintonsmith 300

Book 5

Why is it so hard to make friends?

Ten-year-old Spencer doesn’t like being an introvert. He wishes he was more like his seven-year-old brother, Justin, who has no problem talking to people and making friends. Spencer doesn’t like that he’s quieter and struggles with it. 

In this fifth adventure, the brothers are flipped into a place they’ve never been before. But somehow it feels familiar. People seem to know them, but Spencer feels different. He’s popular here and has no trouble talking to everyone and making friends. He’s exactly like the person he wants to be. He prefers this version of himself . . . at least he thinks so.

Spencer gets lost in this alternate reality and forgets about his real home. When Justin finally convinces him that they have stayed too long, they try to find the door home but it isn’t there. Are they too late?

under the couch book five video games susan lintonsmith 300

Book 6

This is a game, right?

Enemy drones are flying around Spencer and Justin as they use their video game skills to help their new friends battle to protect their island’s energy resources.

In their sixth adventure under the couch, ten-year-old Spencer and his little brother, Justin, go through a door and are transported to a small island where there are robots and realistic video games.

Playing new video games is fun for the brothers … until the danger surrounding them becomes too real. Suddenly they are being shot at and hunted by police robots. Will they be able to get back to the door to return home before the robots catch them?

under the couch book seven candy susan lintonsmith

Book 7

It’s a dream come true!

Seven-year-old Justin LOVES candy. What could be a better adventure than going to a real gingerbread house that’s filled with the most delicious candy ever?

Justin is thrilled to pick a door in the under-the-couch world that takes he and his brother, Spencer, to a place that has every type of candy imaginable. But he soon finds out what happens when you break the rules in this mysterious world. He discovers there are consequences and he has to pay the price. The boys escape the mean security guards but then need to find the way back inside the candy house in order to get to the portal that takes them home. 

How are they going to get inside the store without the guards spotting them? 

under the couch book eight mother nature susan lintonsmith

Book 8

Can they trust this mysterious woman? Where is everyone else?

Ten-year-old Spencer and his little brother, Justin, go on an adventure and end up in a forest filled with the biggest trees they have ever seen … and wild animals. They are escorted by a strange owl to an old, abandoned town. But where are the people?

The brothers discover the only person living there — a peculiar woman who claims she’s older than the trees. She invites them into her house. Can they trust her or will she trap them there?

A bad storm is coming, and their door to return home is far away, deep in the forest. Can they escape this woman and race Mother Nature to find the door before lightning or wild beasts get them?

Mother Nature is the eighth of twelve books in the fantasy series about Spencer and Justin’s exciting and dangerous adventures in the mysterious under-the-couch world … where the boys have fun and learn valuable lessons through their experiences. Importantly, they learn more about themselves and grow closer through each adventure.

under the couch book nine castle susan lintonsmith 300

Book 9

The boys are trapped in the dungeon of an ancient castle … and there is no key to unlock the door!

Ten-year-old Spencer and his little brother, Justin, are transported through the under-the-couch door to a kingdom in a faraway land. A spoiled prince and his friends find them and can’t wait to hand them over to the guards. On their way to the castle, Spencer and Justin get in more trouble and have to face the wrath of an angry king and queen.

Justin wins the heart of the queen, but his curiosity lands them in a hidden dungeon where they get stuck in a dark prison cell. The princess can’t find a key to open the door. How are the boys going to break out to find their door home?

In Castle, Justin learns why he struggles with reading: he is dyslexic. He learns that having this reading struggle doesn’t mean he isn’t smart. And he learns he is not alone – many creative and successful people in the world are or were dyslexic, including Albert Einstein!

under the couch book 10 crystals susan lintonsmith

Book 10

GIANTS? There are giants on this island?

When ten-year-old Spencer and his little brother, Justin, go under the couch for an adventure, they are shocked when they are dumped in deep water. They are in a large bay far from land, and Justin isn’t a good swimmer. But that’s only the start. They soon discover that the island they are trying to get to is full of giants!

And what is the huge moon-like circle in the sky? In this adventure, the boys explore strange structures around the land, including monoliths and enormous pyramids. Soon, time is running out and they need to return to the dangerous water to find their door home. The bay is so huge … how are they going to find it?

under the couch book 11 spaceship susan lintonsmith

Book 11

“One, two, three!”

Together, they stepped off the ladder and into space.

Spencer and his little brother, Justin, are surprised when they go through the door in the under-the-couch world and enter a room that quickly fills up with a strange gas. Is it poisonous? They wake up and find they are trapped in a strange place, unable to move. They are more shocked to find out who put them there . . . and why!

Ten-year-old Spencer loves learning about the moon, planets, and stars. Now, he’s really in space, exploring the Milky Way galaxy. But it takes years to travel across the universe. How long have they been gone, and will they be able to get home to their family?

under the couch book twelve creatures susan lintonsmith

Book 12

The secrets of the couch unravel on what could be Spencer and Justin’s last trip to the under-the-couch world.

What ARE these creatures? And why are they getting BIGGER?

Spencer and Justin run into a cave to escape monsters that are growing before their eyes. Running deeper into the cave for safety, they encounter even more scary creatures! When Justin falls through a hole toward sharp rocks on the ground below, ten-year-old Spencer has to find and save him. The brothers are lost deep in a cave and Spencer has no idea how they are going to be able to escape the creatures and find their way home.

While battling scary monsters, they run into even more trouble when they come across two strange kids. They look familiar. But how is it possible the kids are there?

Creatures is the last of the twelve-book series about Spencer and Justin’s exciting and dangerous adventures in the mysterious under-the-couch world. Read them in order, starting with book 1, and experience the summer-long adventures with the two brothers and unravel the secrets of the couch.

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