Meet the "Real" Characters

under the couch real brothers spencer and justin

The Brothers — Spencer and Justin


Spencer Then


Spencer Now


The “real” Spencer is 22 years old and, like his book character, loves hockey. After high school, he played for three years in the United States Premier Hockey League, and is now playing hockey in college.

Spencer is thoughtful and quiet, like the book character. He’s more of an introvert.  When he’s not on the ice, going to school, working, or at the gym, he loves his alone time. He has learned how to manage his focus issues and ADHD. 

Spencer was a huge supporter of his mother writing a book series based on stories she told him when he was young.


Justin Then


Justin Now


The “real” Justin is 19 years old and in college.

Like his character, he’s athletic and loves soccer. He’s played competitively since he was young.

Justin is outgoing and funny. He’s an extrovert, has a lot of friends, and enjoys being around people.  He plans to major in business in college and go into sales or marketing. He’ll run his own business someday. 

Like his book character, Justin struggles with ADHD and dyslexia and hates to read. He prefers to listen to books or watch the movie.

But reading issues haven’t held him back. He’s extremely quick and creative. He sees things from a different perspective and can easily come up with ideas and solutions to problems.

He PLANS to read the Under the Couch series … but prefers to wait for the movies!

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