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spencer character


Ten-year-old Spencer is grumpy that his family moved at the end of the school year. He wants to spend the summer with his school friends and instead is in a new home stuck with his little brother and a strange nanny. He’s anxious about being the new kid in fifth grade. He’s shy and struggles with making new friends, especially close ones like he left behind.

Spencer likes all sports and plays several, but his favorite is hockey. He is kind, empathetic, and also a deep thinker. 

Spiders terrify him … and he isn’t fond of the dark, either!

Spencer is intrigued by space. He loves learning about the moon and the solar system. Spencer often gets lost in his thoughts and gets teased that his head is in space!

justin character


Justin is seven years old and going into second grade. He’s outgoing, fun-loving, and enjoys making people laugh. He wants to play all the time and loves all sports, especially soccer and baseball.

Justin can talk to anyone and has no trouble making friends. He only likes school because he gets to be around his friends. 

Justin also loves candy and just about anything with sugar. He also loves bacon, but it NOT a fan of vegetables.

Justin is messy and his shoes are always untied. He can get dirty within minutes of waking up.

Justin loves life … but doesn’t like to read. He struggles with reading and would prefer to do anything else (except maybe eat vegetables).

ms lori

Ms. Lori

What is up with the new nanny?

I mean, she’s nice and nearly always in a good mood, but Spencer thinks she’s odd.  She does strange things, like making oils and teas from weeds, collecting rocks, and carrying around weird items in her big bag. And she talks a lot about crystals and energy, too.

Justin likes her because she laughs at his silliness and plays fun games with him. He likes that she takes them to the park and swimming a lot, too.

Spencer doesn’t think she likes him … and he’s not sure he likes her either. Sometimes he thinks she can read his mind!

Spencer knows she has secrets. Why doesn’t anyone else see that?  He’s keeping a journal of “Strange Things Lori Does” and plans to figure out what his new nanny is hiding.

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